We developed a unique working method of a creative boutique / Networking with independent, equally unique thinkers, makers and doers from all over the world / Whom we carefully selected from our extensive travels, working on our promotion of Design Thinking

We are radical listeners. We don’t apply any method or formula on brands. We don’t have any agency style. Self-consciousness is bad for creativity. We have no philosophy, no color, no sign or animal. We adapt each time to each genre, tailor-made. We are media agnostic, driven only by the idea and the brand. We are chameleon. We are liquid. We are human and emotional. We listen to our instincts and intuitions. We seize observed opportunities and adapt very quickly.

We are small and we want to stay that way, proud to be a creative boutique network. To us, it means human scale, creative control, sense of craft and passion for client service. We grow by opening new communities, and we keep each one at a human scale to preserve our culture.

Executive managing all projects with our experienced core Brand New World agency team, we connect the best global talents with the industry.