Architecture & Design

Following our succeses with design events and exhibitions / Brand New World has been increasingly approached to provide consulting in architecture, urban planning and interior design / And even previously exotic areas such as food design

We invited Daniel Liebeskind to design the new Belgrade Waterfront urban development worth 4 bil USD, commisioned Zaha Hadid Architects to create a new design for the awarded BE/CO project worth 200 mil USD, Patrizia Urquiola to propose the new masterplan and design for the gated luxury Philosycos seaside development in Montenegro worth 1 bil USD, Norman Foster and Hedi Teherani to design new developments for Inteco in Moscow, a new and many more...

Committed to creating positive impact, this is also why we develop exhibitions and events all over the world, and increasingly invite cutting edge designers to our Zürich Salon, such as Dimorestudio, Aylin Langreuter and Christophe de la Fontaine of Dante-Goods and Bads, Amanda Levete, Michael Anastassiades, Jasper Morrison, Nicolas le Moigne, Naoto Fukasawa, Claudia Moreira Salles to name just a few...
 and produced design exhibitions and shows all over the world with / for Alessandro Mendini, Oscar Zieta, KramWeishaar, Laufen, Nendo, Lasvit, Maxim Velchovsky, Denis Simachev, Beetrot and many more.

Brand New World's mission is to forge connections between some of the foremost creative minds on the planet, their ideas, their products, their processes, and you.

Our Architecture & Design services include:

Architectural Project Consulting and Development / Urban Planing / Interior Design / Product Design / Retail and Workplace Environmental Design / In-Store Display Design / Retail Roll-Out Plans