Stojkov Printing

At Brand New World, we have a genuine passion for the craft / We are aesthetes / We revere taste and culture / We believe in the power of beauty / We apply luxury standards on every piece of communication

The Stojkov printing house is a family business founded in 1963 in Novi Sad, Serbia, by Ruza and Mihajlo Stojkov. Initially founded as am atelier for high-end craft screen printing, the company raised a high position in the market. Today the printing boasts with 5000 m2 of production and business area, and is equipped in a way that any level of printing difficulty can be delievered in the most professional way and with the utmost quality. Mihajlos’s son and daughter have also joined the business and the process of handing the business over to the next generation is well underway. The Stojkov printing house today is still in 100% family ownership with well over 100 employees, the latest investments in printing and aftertreatment equipment, and an unparalleled dedication to following values in collaboration with Brand new World:

• Highest possible, responsible Swiss quality project management from Zürich

• Most economical possible EU level pricing for premium handcraft finishing, with cutting edge equipment

• Just-in-time project management and delivery, fast & accurate turn-around times

• Old school family owned and managed, founded in 1963

• Environmental management system (emas): FAS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001

• Socially responsible and sustainable work: Inclusion program for disabled persons

• Personal client relationship / Responsible expert advice & bespoke consulting for each job