About Us

Brand New World is a boutique Brand Creation / Digital Communication and Business Consultancy / Our specialism is articulating yours

BNW's paradigm shift connects branding with digital, cleverly combining the immense global knowledge and reach of our branding network out of Zürich, with the competitive advantages of an amazing digital marketing and software development business back in Belgrade, Serbia.

What we offer: A Brand New World. An innovative technology for creating, leveraging and managing your brand, based on Design Thinking. Because brands today no longer compete with other brands. They compete with the future.

Why we do it: Because Design Thinking will bring us a Brand New World. Which is why next to our our Branding work we produce and promote some of the finest Design Events, Exhibitions and Education Programs around the world. And explore the North Pole for a sustainable future of our planet. 

How we do it: By leveraging Brand Strategy, Brand Content and Brand Performance as measurable business drivers, building deeper engagement for greater commercial success, embracing new media solutions in an always-on environment for global, multinational, regional and local clients and for millennial-driven brands.

Operating from Zürich, Switzerland, Brand New World is a global Consigliere like no other, whether you are an entrepreneur, inventor, politician, developer, mover or shaker, regardless if you’re in Milan, Miami, Marrakesh or Melbourne.

Welcome to your own BRAND NEW WORLD!