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The ultimate expression of Identity and Advertsing work is found in sophisticated TV Commercials / Creative post-production giving that magical touch to all kinds of videos, using the latest technologies for FX creation / Weather it’s advertising, film, video-games, technology, art or TV production.

Tuna Fish is able to fully service any European or overseas agency or production company thanks to branches in Serbia and Montenegro, benefited by the advantages that the up-and-coming film industry in Serbia has to offer, including a wide variety of locations across former Yugoslavia. Their collaborative approach and down to earth production and post-production style allows Tuna Fish to refine creative ideas and produce innovative work with global commercial appeal.

Dreamdust is a creative post-production studio located in the center of Belgrade, Serbia, providing full VFX and animation services to some of the biggest brands and creative agencies worldwide.

Brand New World is looking for worldwide partners who are interested in developing the presented projects into full feature theatre films, with budgets ranging from 10 to 100 mio USD, according to production guidelines described in the respective movie brochures. We especially wish to participate in European cross border partnerships as co-production model, or as joint presentation of the project with European partners to a final “A-list” Hollywood production studio. Our preference goes to partners who wish to include our expertise as part of the artistic and production process, but with the right offer, we are happy to provide the scenario only as well.

With Tuna Fisha and Dreamdust as production partners, and our own film scenarios ready, only Hollywood and the sky are the limits!

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