Zurich Salon

Brand New World Salon in Zürich is a boutique contemporary platform to experience Art, Architecture and Design / Its mission is to promote 21st century objects and projects that will constantly grow in value / But more than that – people and ideas that will change the world’s understanding of innovation and creativity.

Zürich actually lives design in its leafy quarters, characterized by a new, remarkably multicultural and innovative creative class, so, juxtaposed with the traditional sophisticated and highly educated art and architecture audience in Zürich, we thought it was just about time to open the first permanent international gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary design in the city. It started small in Zürich Seefeld in 2017 –  but delivered a great impact, leveraging Brand New World’s connection with the global design community and media, and proven track record in delivering cutting edge events.

Under the leadership of Vesna Jelovac, in the past four years “Brand New World Salon” has become Zürich’s premium boutique, year-round window to the best of contemporary design from Milan, London, Paris, Brussels, New York, Rio, Berlin, Lisbon, Shanghai, Belgrade and Madrid… and of course, all of Switzerland as special focus. The Salon delivers targeted and laser sharp communication to our key community of interest in the Greater Zürich marketplace  – art and design collectors, developers, architects, interior designers, media, start-ups, innovation and technology companies, educational and cultural institutions. 

With the eagerly anticipated opening of the new space on the Lessingstrasse 15 in Enge, in the autumn of 2021, rubbing shoulders with Switzerland’s arguably most creative minds, an exiting new chapter for the “Brand New World Salon” is being opened.

Brand New World Salon presents contemporary art and design in a brand new way to the Swiss and global audience – bold, playful,  curious, global, inspirational and transparent - with our distinctive joi-de-vivre.