In order to become one of the leading providers of innovative medical technology, Somapharm engaged Brand New World to create a new visual brand identity, website, narrative and 360 degrees communication of the brand. SOMA+PHARM supplies innovative medical products for Surgical Departments and Emergency Healthcare. Based on more than 30 years of experience, with the new investments, innovative medical technology products and design, the management has a particular focus to increase the company’s new value on the Swiss market.

SOMA+PHARM has continuously developed in terms of content and business in recent years. Today, SOMA+PHARM is a Swiss market leader that combines medical technology expertise with innovative, global technology. In order to make this transformation visible to the outside world, SOMA+PHARM has undergone a rebranding with a new logo, a refined brand promise and a refreshed design of

SOMA+PHARM is an established Swiss brand and therefore offers awareness and the 30-year history are an asset. The existing domain “” is also a capital. For these reasons, BNW recommended continuing to use the name Somapharm, but with the innovated spelling: SOMA+PHARM. Our strategy for SOMA+PHARM is "Care Branding" - a new, local brand for Swiss health with strong international appeal and worldwide networking.

The new claim "BECAUSE WE CARE" clearly expresses the intention of SOMA+PHARM's customers and their patients and at the same time ties in with the new positioning part of the name "SWISS HOSPITAL CARE". Our strategy for SOMA+PHARM is "Care Branding" - a new, local brand for Swiss health with strong international appeal and worldwide networking. 

The new SOMA+PHARM logo with the stylized Swiss cross, wrapped in five rows, creates an independent, high degree of recognition with a simple typographical means.

The SOMA+PHARM color palette consists of five colors: magenta and cyan as the primary colors, along with a creative, pioneering gradient between these two colors, and pastel blue, black and white as the secondary colors.

The new visual identity of SOMA+PHARM is communicated through developed brand tool-box: advertisements, proprietary logo and typography, promo-tools and a website. 

BNW incorporated the new visual the identity of SOMA+PHARM into the website. An innovative combination of the narrative and the visual content contributes to improve the its usability and modularity.