Roxanich Wine Collections

Celebrating the experimental styles the brand is so famous for, Brand New World created not less than three distinctive collections: “Philosophy”, “Sorelle” and “First Roses”. These enigmatic ranges have been brought to life with beautifully painted ornaments by Petra Rozanic, the artist in the family, with bespoke die-cut elements featuring Motovun hill’s isohypses, and a bold minimalist aesthetic. Petra’s sophisticated iconography depicts the wine-making essence of the nature surrounding and influencing the Roxanich wines, enriching the often-monochromatic world of wine with the expressiveness of color coding, sending a strong message about the explosion of taste that awaits wine lovers inside each Roxanich bottle.

Corresponding to the high level of classic stylishness are also the beautiful names of the “Philosophy” range, which are the only ones we at Brand New World left untouched, merely tightening the narratives a bit: from the eponymous SuperIstrian, to Bordo’, Sauvage and Teran Re, over to the regal categories of Pinot Noir and Mladen Rožanić’s latest excursions into sparkling and fortified wines: the Les Petites Bulles Istriennes and the Porat Antenal. Today, the unique Istrian terroir, combined with outstanding craftsmanship of simple and natural winemaking, is yielding worldwide acknowledgment and recognition to this premium range.

As next step, a strong regional influence has been weaved through every part of the brand, demonstrated by the new names for the “First Roses” collection wines, celebrating Istrian heritage and culture from Montona, to Rovigno, Mirna, Draga, all the way to Portorose and Venezia, proudly asking the beloved region to step up into the limelight. To quote Mladen Rožanić: “I never understood why Istrian wines shouldn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with their French and Italian counterparts. Istria, with its long history of winemaking and the choice of interesting indigenous varieties, offers all the prerequisites for making exceptional wines.”

Finally, the identity of the new “Sorelle“ range explains perhaps best the entire creative thinking behind the Roxanich brand: This collection emphasizes the brand strategy by basing it entirely on the Roxanich family reputation and its next generation taking over: Each of those most avant-garde Roxanich wines now bears the name of one of Mladen’s six daughters: Lara 1/6, Petra 2/6, Sara 3/6, Mara 4/6. Zara 5/6 and Tara 6/6, carefully chosen to each match their young and unique characters. The Sorelle range is the contemporary counterpoint to the classic Roxanich range: wines that embrace modern technique and expertise, with maceration times that vary from vintage to vintage before careful ageing in large wooden casks. Just like the eponymous Roxanich Sorelle, who are slowly but surely taking over the family legacy and opening a completely new chapter for the future, the same way as it was performed since the 1200’s, when this old Venetian family’s elegant voyage through the soul and the culture of our times started.