Brand Experience

Following Steps 1 to 3 can take a huge amount of time and energy, but Step 4, Brand Experiences, is arguably the most important. All that planning and thinking has created something good, but to became great it must be easily understood, and easily used. It is all very well having a fantastic core idea for a brand and a killer bit of creative, but, if it isn't implemented consistently and carefully controlled, it can swiftly fall apart.


Most of us involved in the business are only just starting to see how key this last step is. Either a new idea needs to be carefully embedded into an organization, or the time has come to take what's already there and give it a new lease of life. It is not enough to have a great design idea and implement it well; increasingly, making sure an idea is fully embedded into a company or organisation is critical to the long-term heath of a brand. This is where launches can engage employees, and those same employees get the chance to explore and extend the brand idea.

What we will cover in this Step 4?
- The importance of the last details
- The value of control documents and manuals, and the development of a design toolkit
- How to cope with the demands of a bilingual world
- The implications of digital, and how to be 'digital first'
- How key elements such as typography and imagery can play a vital role
- How all manner of brands are building flexibility into how they look and what they do
- How to avoid the pitfalls of implementation

Engage (or Revive)

Your talent is your lifeblood. Brand clarity, commitment, and the confidence of your team is vital to sustaining any moves you are making as a business. Through our workshops, we will map how your culture and learning is set up for, and can deliver on, your ambition. Linked to this is reviewing and renewing a brand - keeping it both vital and revitalized, whether through sub-brands, or advertising, or long-term collaborations. It might even be time for a brand to cut and run - to shed its clothes and begin again.

What we will cover in this Step?
- The value of a great launch
- How our brand model extends out into tone of voice and messaging
- How organisations can plan for constant change and build tool-kits accordingly
- The pressures of staying ahead when building digital brands
- How brands can revitalize and develop their brands over months or decades
- The tactical value of advertising and the case for sub- and co-brands
- The case for starting over and branding's impact