Roxanich Strategy

Brand New World developed a strategy based on media campaign to result in long-term repositioning of the Roxanich brand and enabling the life continuation as an attractive, instantly recognizable brand in the future and building visibility of Roxanich projects and activities and presentation of their benefits on international, national and local level. Establishing a legend on the global map of famous wines, based on the natural wine desire by new consumers worldwide, is the key aim of the strategy.

The pinnacle moment of the first phase is introduction of Roxanich to the world and the new wines rebranding. This is a crucial moment for reputation building. Signaling to our prime consumer target audience that they are in familiar contemporary lifestyle waters, with a winemaker who shares their own passion for a simple, honest and sustainable approach of their gourmet experience needs. With a clever and above all, stylish and cool, contemporary marketing strategy, based on unique and recognizable, ownable branding, it is possible to make connection with all target groups and make positive public attitude towards the natural Roxanich wines, as well as the new complex construction and all connected projects all over the world.

The year 2020 marked the confluence of two key paradigm shifts in consumer behavior in big global urbanizations - going home and going natural. It’s not new, but driven to new heights thanks to two phenomena in 2020: The pandemic and the 5G digitalization. Roxanich wine was searching for its identity between higher end conventional wine producers - renown for the style, taste and reliability of experience on one side and up- and coming natural wine producers - re-known for the biodynamic and natural experience on the other side.

Roxanich Wine is presented as a completely new answer to concrete new consumers’ needs between these categories, who will very soon develop the understanding that conventional wine producers are not healthy / honest / ecological / natural / experimental enough for their new, woke ethical and health expectations and current natural wine producers do not deliver the style / reliability / readiness / elegance to match for their hip / design lifestyle expectations.