Brand Concept

This is where the visual fireworks starts (in theory at least): How to brief, without briefing too much, and what makes a good creative environment. Toolkits, not logos, and then examine the myriad different ways and routes to a design solution (whether typographic, symbol-based or something else entirely). We ask if people and places could also be brands and look briefly at the politics, pitfalls and possibilities of this step.


We identify areas of opportunity to improve the brand, and define an initial activation roadmap with clear measures of success.

What we will cover in this step?

- How to brief a team and set up a healthy environment for good ideas
- How to help designers jump off the unknown
- How to produce design solutions based on typography, initials and monograms
- How to use symbolism, systems and language as the basis of schemes
- How to evolve brands out of what already exists
- The potential and the pitfalls of getting ideas through, and getting them legally checked