Kamalame Cay

Kamalame Cay, an intimate, family-run private island in the heart of Bahamas, commissioned BNW to create a new, unified visual brand identity, asking for an honest, sharp analysis what could be taken over from the old, traditional one. The existing logo and identity elements were no longer related to the current luxurious, contemporary brand proposition, BNW developed a whole new narrative and identity, helping Kamalame Cay to win the "Best luxury hotel in the Caribbean" award.

Elements from the new logo concept were developed further as unique icons for each building or service offered by Kamalame Cay. All Icons were developed into a pattern system based on flower / botanic motives from the old traditional logo, but in  striking contemporary way.

The new visual identity of Kamalame Cay is communicated through means of a seriously developed brand tool-box: brochures, advertisements, proprietary logo and typography, promo-tools and a new website. BNW created a new brochure as a guest guide to the island’s layout, facilities, activities, and services, as well as Kamalame’s unique history. 

Separated from the Andros mainland by a turquoise inlet, Kamalame Cay is mirrored in the advertisements as an classic Caribbean oasis of laidback hospitality, bougainvillea draped beach houses scattered across 96 acres of flowering jungle, coconut palm groves, and deserted white sand beaches, but then clever disrupted with surprising #hashtag messages.

BNW incorporated the new visual the identity of Kamalame Cay into a new website. An innovative combination of the narrative and the visual content contributes to improve the its usability and modularity