BNW created RACE-PAY for RACE-CAP, an advanced level application for banked users, who want to do more with their money featuring non-custodial and custodial wallet tiers as an upgrade, depending on the consumer’s personal usage needs. From unbanked beginners to financial professionals, the RACE-PAY App is the easiest way to move and manage digital assets via iOS and Android mobile applications. Payment validation is centralized.

With RACE-PAY users will enjoy a real-time payment management experience, following every transaction as it happens, with rich overview features delivering a frictionless process, comparable to using Apple/Samsung/ Google Pay.

But with one key difference: Only RACE-PAY is based on blockchain, which means zero to ultra low transaction costs and direct peer-to- peer transactions, which none of the above have.

The RACE-PAY App is designed to be intuitive for anyone to use, while offering deeper functionality to advanced users. It is very fast, friendly, private and secure. 

Now all your cash is in your control, whether you have a bank account or not. Join the RACE powered by the speed, freedom and security of blockchain.

The advanced level app for banked users, who want to do more with their money. Once you’ve downloaded our app, based on the deeper functionality you choose to unlock, you’ll be asked to complete further registration.

Payment validation for these powerful features is centralized. Pay, receive, trade, or invest digital and traditional money.

The RACE-PAY narrative is as black and premium as its color and App store icon. This ADVANCED WALLET option is the next step of our users’ product expectations, creating an exciting proposition away from the standard digital wallet offer for pro-sumers, towards a widely accepted mobile payment solution for retail and con-sumers alike.

All RACE-CAP Money Apps design applications follow our recognizable “Branded House” style, while adhering to respective media standards. We emphasize in particular the prominent use of our signature typography style with font sizes larger than usual for similar apps, to create a clear distinction, as well as using our signature colours, cards, canvases and icons.

The Money App’s primary and secondary colours, and their variants, help create a colour theme that is harmonious, ensures a legible text, and distinguishes UI elements and surfaces from one another. Our primary colours represent RACE-CAP’s corporate and brand identity and style, while the primary variants of colours support them and create an important background.

The Money App typography is simple, geometric and clear, but at the same time confident and bold. RACE-CAP Money Apps’ buttons allow users to take actions and make choices with a single tap. The buttons reflect closely our unique Money App design and our simple UX and UI handling.

An ownable, unique App design always needs a little something extra. For the RACE-CAP Money Apps we developed this design thinking all the way down to the most miniscule graphic elements, with form defining every possible aspect of the screen experience.




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