Brand Experience

Crafting the verbal identity / Designing the visual and sensory identities / Creating the conditions for a 'digital first' appearance / Embedding the company culture

For us, your brand is no veneer. Based on strong concepts and competent diversity in all of Brand New World’s collaborators, we create Brand Experiences that convey relevant and competitive conversations in the brand’s market. We look at manuals and how to make them more interesting with flexible approaches and broader tool-kits. We examine the challenges of branding in multilingual environments and how consistency can come as much from images and type, as from logos.

Our Brand Experience service consists of:

Brand Assets / Communication Platforms / Communication Guidelines / Target Audiences / Brand Positioning / Brand Experience touchpoints: Product, Website, Point of Sale, Advertisment, Social Media, Service and Support / Advertising Campaign Guidelines / Copywriting / Content Strategies / Marketing Strategies / Digital Marketing Strategies / Social Media Strategies / Software Development Strategies / Retail Concepts / Brand Books / Style Guides / Digital First Strategies