Identity & Advertising

Strong brands are built on big ideas and succeed through insightful engagement / They are powerful, yet fragile things / The best seem easy and effortless, yet are difficult to achieve / They demand relentless focus, and ruthless efficiency

We research what drives growth: Is it penetration, engagement and/or reach, and is there a blueprint for success? What difference does creativity make in all of this? And what type of creativity works? Brand New World's Identity and Advertising work touch people’s hearts when we dare to approach a broader topic behind the ad. This approach helps us strike, but also brings meaning to our job.

Our Identity & Advertising services include:

Logos / Visual Systems / Brand Guidelines / Packaging Design / 3D Visualisation / Livery / Signage and Wayfinding Design / Advertising -Creative, -Planning, -Production, - Activation / TV Commercials and Film Scenarios Development and Production / Animation/VFX