Inteco Fusion Park Brand Book

BNW was commissioned to create a comprehensive guide covering the brand philosophy and brand positioning of Inteco's new high-end development arm on the Russian real-estate market. The Fusion Park Brand Book remains a unique example of proper corporate brand guardianship in a highly competitive industry with the highest profit margins in history.

The Fusion Park Brand Book offers guidelines through the inspirational development. Fusion Park is an avant-garde, socially responsible and culturally savvy real estate project, organically fitted in the cultural and topological fabric of Moscow’s very city centre. Fusion Park is located at a unique spot in the historic city centre. It’s a cutting edge example of new thinking in real-estate: a unique FUSION of functions that are necessary for contemporary living, business, leisure and culture. The core structure of the complex is an A class office centre, distinguished for its unique ”fusion” architectural design, custom designed interior and high quality engineering equipment of the leading international manufactures.

This brand book is a tool supporting the process of building the Fusion Park brand and developing consistent brand communication. The Fusion Park identity represents a graphically simplified and stylishly visualized image of its architecture. 

The brand book contains the necessary information for strategy planning and execution and is intended as an guide for developing communication ideas. The multifunctional complex is a mixture of contemporary styles, both conceptually and functionally, enabling people to be always at their best cultural and social wise, to surround themselves with all premium conditions that modern technologies offer.