e11even Website

The e11even website is the most important communication part of e11even’s “owned media” digital marketing strategy, and functions as a seamless entry into the world of e11even, both in design, style and narrative.


We chose two complementary typefaces to convey all aspects of our adaptive nature, and fit perfectly with our chosen Wordmark font PP Woodland. Neue Einstellung is a simple and geometric typeface with versatility in mind. The name is from the mechanical state of thinking: Einstellung. FF Scala typeface is an Old Style serif typeface designed by Martin Majoor.

The design features prominent rectangular serifs, low stroke contrast, open apertures and a large x-height which makes it excel as a text face, and it is one of the most versatile fonts and most attractive and graceful in print.


Colors act as grounding elements, both reflecting e11even’s future and providing consistency with our visual identity. Our color spectrum represents the diversity of the physical world, to keep our communications dynamic.

The design of e11even’s website pages is based on a modular grid structure with separate folds, with an easily manageable content system, so that e11even’s marketing can plug in, play and change the content by themselves, without depending on designers or coders. The process is fast and efficient, to correspond with fast paced business changes, with maximum responsive flexibility for any screen size built in PC, tablet and various sizes of smartphones.

Website Structure