GenDream NextGen Collection

BNW was commissioned to design GenDream's NextGen Collection, with products that are lifestyle oriented and reflect optimism, aspiration and confidence. The NextGen Collection products comprise the flagship range of GenDream’s nutritional supplements, and their imagery leads in all brand communication.

NextGen Collection illustrations are bold and confident, and reflect a dynamic, contemporary lifestyle. NextGen Collection packs make full usage of the targeted disruptive strategy, by associating with a hitherto uncharted territory in the field of nutritional supplements: lifestyle-oriented, pop art, fashion, design, healthcare, body shapes and movements, interpreted by artistic graphic elements such as recognisable but ownable bold dots and lines.

This is why each product’s key illustration recalls a metaphoric story of the respective product’s function and naming, explained in detail in following NextGen Collection product profiles, while all other collections’ illustrations are abstract. The identity of the entire NextGen Collection communicates clearly the most progressive message of all four GenDream collections, underlined with the strongest possible usage of primary colors.

It is immediately visible from size, stand-out factor and attitude, that the NextGen Collection represents GenDream’s flagship products. The products are presented in premium packs, printed on luxurious silver plastic board, adorned with ultimate finishes like matte and gloss varnish and embossing.

NextGen Collection packs are designed to take the most prominent vertical position on any nutritional supplements category shelf, let alone on GenDream’s own specially designed POS elements. The strength of the illustrations on the cardboard box is successfully repeated on the Bottle Labels, ensuring the same premium effect of the product on the consumer, once unpacked from the box. Bottles are designed in the unique frosted appearance, which is another exclusivity of GenDream.