Istok - Possible Worlds

On behalf of ISTOK, Brand New World would like to invite you to the opening reception of its debut Possible Worlds, featuring the works of Umberto Bellardi Ricci, with performances by Crow Vendetta and Sarah Abney on Thursday, January 23rd, from 7PM to 10PM at 32 Orchard Street, New York. New York-based clothing label ISTOK founded by Tijana Masic and Lauren Shooster debuts their inaugural collection. 



Debut 2020 Collection 
Opening Reception: January 23, 7PM - 10PM
Collection Preview by Appointment January 24, 2020, 11AM-7PM
Store Hours January 25, 2020, 11AM - 7PM
After Hours by Terrence Britt January 25, 2020, 8PM-10PM
Store Hours January 26, 2020, 11AM - 4PM

To attend, please RSVP to 

ISTOK explores identity and uniformity in a post-idealist society. Possible Worlds plays on the paradox of choice and plurality in a modern landscape.

The duplex concept space features two parallel, yet distinct environments. And within them, a myriad of worlds, past and future.

On the ground floor, guests are introduced to the brand’s Yugoslavian origins, with its utopian narrative and hypnotizing repetitiveness. New York-based cellist, Crow Vendetta, performs minimal interpretations of Trubači, a distinctive style of Balkan brass. Italian architect and designer, Umberto Bellardi Ricci, shows original works in response to the confines of uniformity and its contradictory demands. Makavejev’s Man Is Not a Bird (1965) and Petrović’s I Even Met Happy Gypsies (1967) will be screened throughout the evening. Slet, a short film by Lauren Shooster and Antosh Cimozsko, featuring rare archival footage from Filmske Novosti, will also be on view.

The basement is the inverse of the well-rehearsed ground floor and is a reference to Belgrade’s reactionary youth culture. DJ and performer, Sarah Abney, plays a varied selection of Yugoslavian synthpop, Krautrock and disco in contrast to the subdued cello pieces on the gallery floor upstairs.


ISTOK is a New York City-based label founded by Tijana Masic and joined by Creative Director Lauren Shooster. Meaning “East” in Serbian, ISTOK is a response to the idea of modern utopia, to the individual and collective identity, and to style defined through character. Growing up in socialist Yugoslavia, Masic was fascinated by the utopian societies where uniforms were an indicator of one’s function and a strong symbol of belonging to something greater than the self.


Thanks to all our collaborators that made this project possible Umberto Bellardi Ricci Zaga Skerletovic Julia Sadler Philippe Galowich Rafael Prieto Elena Seegers Jeff Henrikson Drew Vickers Adrian Mesko Nicolas Sisto Eugenie Dalland Ashley Abtahie Terrence Britt Pia Bergman Roger Cohen Jovana Markovic Loddie Allison Ilija Dunji Vasilisa Pavlova Hartje Andresen Erika Belle Tierra Oulette Andrea Lausevic Ana Kras Rita Nakouzi Camille Okhio Katherine Andersen Brendan Timmins Nora Vai Yuko Okudaira Alpha Vomero Ahmed Khedr Conor Lenihan Takashi Yusa Miriam Robstad Akiko Owada Kiyo Igarashi Vincent Guerrero Danica Selem Rebecca Cianfrini Adrian Reyna Abigail Leuchter Nane Feist Griffin Frazen Bella Ansel Anna Santangelo Yesim Ak Ana Ziravac Sarah Abney Janine Giddings Stephen Rose Janko Tadic Gia Kuan Joseph Leuchter Antosh Cimoszko Alexa Hotz Milica & Rade Masic