Studio Appetit in DAILYTONIC Trend Report: Milan 2015, Part 2

Posted by Walter Phillips on 28.04.2015 – Tagged as: ,

This is the second of a three-part Trend Report from Milan 2015 by Le Vin Chin. Playing with the design of the way we eat has launched many experimental restaurants with unconventional dining experiences over the past few decades. This year’s Milan definitely sees a sea-change in how mainstream this idea has become and how rigorously a designer can examine the subject without seeming outré. Quite simply, as we feel our natural resources diminishing, and as our own rate of human expansion continues to grow unabated, how we create and process food – both the macro- and the micro-processes – has never been more urgently in need of innovation.


Things of Edible Beauty

Food presentation: across town, at both the Brand New World Milano 2015 @ Dušan and the Palazzo Serbelloni, Studio Appétit were presenting their “Things of Edible Beauty” exhibit, which found new expressions for the aesthetics of eating and food presentation.

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