Brand New World is a global art and design intelligence consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland and the brainchild of creative entrepreneurs Vesna and Jovan Jelovac.

Brand New World Salon is the newly opened boutique contemporary platform to experience design thinking. It will change the way people think about and engage with design.  It will make design magical and metamorphic. Its mission is to promote collectible design objects that will constantly grow in value – and people, project and ideas that will change the world’s understanding of design. Brand New World Salon shall become Zürich’s boutique premium, year-round window to the best of the sparkle of global contemporary and collectible design from Milan, London, Paris, Brussels, New York, Rio, Berlin, Madrid…

Due to size and unique physical characteristics, the Salon shall showcase only one strong design statement at a time as exhibition.

DIMORESTUDIO: BRAVE NEW WORLD Exhibiton, Zurich September 2017