Brand New World Milan 2015 @ DUSAN Vernissage


Project: BNW MILAN
Date/Time: 04/14/2015 / 09:00 PM - 12:00 PM
Address: Via Antonio Zarotto, 1, Milano, Italy

Brand New World curators Vesna and Jovan Jelovac, together with those cool cats from Architonic, request your company for a dazzling celebration of all senses of design 2.0 at the Fuorisalone in Milano – presenting a new breed of designers turned makers and entrepreneurs, in arguably one of the most fashionable showrooms in town.

Join us to an all-swinging vernissage for only a few selected goods and bads of the international design circuit, who, while listening to the selected beats of Kill The Tills, will have the honour to sample Studio Appetit’s luscious things of edible beauty. The interactive eating experience includes luxury fruit foam, sprayed into sexy black latex gloves handed to our esteemed guests, edible gold, liquid bursts, fruit clouds and unexpected protein, with a grande finale for Milano’s bright and beautiful in form of edible make up / lip gloss – served in front of a mirror with toppings of flavoured salt and crystallised flowers – with accompanying wondrous drinks.

We are delighted to meet you in BNW’s Milanese palazzo, recreating the idea of a classical author’s salon at Dušan’s so fashionable showroom, with works and the spirit matching his own terribly high couture propositions.









During Milan design week, as part of the official launch of Studio Appetit’s new platform THINGS OF EDIBLE BEAUTY the studio will create interactive eating experiences in form of an opening cocktail and daily tastings in collaboration
with some the most interesting and unique food companies in the world.

Opening cocktail by invitation only will present the 6 daily tastings throughout
the BRAND NEW WORLD exhibition, exploring products and concepts from the studio’s new platform
and offering dishes such as gold covered grasshoppers, fruit fashion cocktails and edible make-up.

A daily tasting will take place at 12:00 every day in the installation. Visitors will be invited to try one of the dishes
while standing in front of a mirrored eating station.




Kill the Tills / DE


Kill the Tills’ success story is rooted in their joy in clubbing, their love for music and art, and their desire to shake up the relatively motionless cultural life in Munich. Today, five years later, Amédée and Milen till are a synonym for a new subculture in Munich – a subculture where a creative melting pot has developed beyond deadlocked categories. The rakish brothers cannot be nailed down: like artistes they are juggling with their ideas so freely that any attempt to describe their work must fail. Nonetheless, giving it a shot, one might say, they live as djs, promoters and video producers (gamma, terra nova records) between Paris, Berlin and Munich.