“It’s the spirit which makes the matter to what it is – and not revers” – Tom Strala

Tom runs his own gallery since 2002 in Zürich, known as design pioneer challenging the established values and generating new ones. His works are pieces of art you can settle in front.
Many designers demand from their works an abundance of complex criteria. Major roles of this behavior play global, commercial, politic problems, as well as formal, mental visions, and market psychological and economic parameters. Justification: the world developed and connected in an immense speed. They claim that these influences of our era are unified in their work. Because art has always been capturing the zeitgeist. This idea is nice… but completely irrelevant. People have to start dreaming again. Art does not need any complex problem solving. We need passion. We need desire. No well-tempered Everything and Nothing. No new update of our operation system. We need intensity, and this cannot be found in a compromise. That’s the DNA of humans – that’s the DNA of Strala.