“Lucy in the sky | Homage” by Ilan Garibi

Gal Gaon of Tel Aviv’s Talent Design Gallery presents the exclusive collaboration with leading Israeli artist and designer Ilan Garibi.

Founded in 2008 by Owner & Art Director Gal Gaon, Talents has been recognized for its iconic Israeli Design Collection that embody passion and bold creativity.
Innovation is the soul of Talents’ business. Gal Gaon seeks to bring joy and creative energy into every space. He is committed to continually introducing the ‘next best thing’ to the design-art market.

Israeli artist Ilan Garibi transforms the Japanese art of paper folding by using stainless steel in his collection for Talents Design. Invoking all the usual elements of origami save for one important factor – the paper – Garibi creates architectural sculptures out of a single sheet of stainless steel. The steel is first laser cut and then hand folded by Garibi and despite its construction from one flat plane – the result gives a solid impression. The mirrored surface of the steel reflects and refracts its surroundings which – in the case of the wall mounted pieces – lends itself to a cubist appearance.