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“We want to encourage people to see things that they no longer notice; to reach a kind of unconscious recognition that everyone instinctively feels and understands, yet have lost the time for” – Ralph Nauta

“People find the time to look at art within a gallery setting, but the world is one big exhibition if you only care to look” – Lonneke Gordijn

Founded in 2006 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Their goal is to create a dialogue between nature and technology, creating a new synergy. Studio Drift explores the relationship between nature, technology and mankind. Their working process involves continuing collaborations with scientists, university departments, research facilities, programmers and engineers; the results are truly innovative and ground-breaking projects – a testament to the cross-pollination between the technically advanced, the aesthetically beautiful and awareness of future potentials. Their oeuvre includes dazzling site-specific installations that react directly to human behavior, questioning it at the same time. While the visual language of Studio Drift is characterized by dreamy and poetic aesthetics, the concept behind their works is often based on an unexpectedly critical engagement.