Studio Appétit is a multidisciplinary experience design studio, specializing in Eating Design and culinary oriented projects. The studio utilizes uncharted territories of the power of food design to create and enhance multisensory experiences.

The studio is renowned for creating multifaceted experiential worlds using product design, graphic design, space design, and of course culinary arts. Among the studio’s various products you can find design objects, edible products, eating installations, multisensory brand experiences, dining concepts, restaurant art direction, lectures, workshops etc…

The studio is lead by Designer and Chef Ido Garini, who has an extensive background in the international design world, as well as in kitchens around the globe. With Garini at the helm, the studio has a unique food and design professional directory of 20 international practitioners from which it builds teams according to the specific requirements of each project.

Studio Appétit is considered one of the best in its field, and a trailblazer in setting food design as an equal discipline within the world of interdisciplinary design projects.