Minya Mikic

Minya Mikic is an Italian artist (born 1975, in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia), painter and graphic designer. She lives and works between Rome and Zurich and regularly exhibits her work in Europe and New York.

In her authentic artistic style, she developed a new technique based on natural, pure pigments applied on canvas or sleek surface of Plexiglas.

The paintings from “GAPscape State of Art Italia”, her project curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, were exhibited in Italian Consulate in New York in 2015, the year later, in 2016, at Museum Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Via Nazionale) in Rome and in 2017 at Mediterranean Institute of Culture in Naples.

Artistic series:
“GAPscape Urban Art”
“GAPscape – URBAN ART” narrates metaphorically essential aspects of communication: its characteristics and its history. These features are illustrated with two artistic elements – painted forms and materials used.

Accurate, clear-cut, straight lines opposing spontaneous, nearly uncontrolled forms painted with pigments on Plexiglas symbolize human thinking and emotions used in modern communication.

01Minya_200x200_Pigments on Canvas

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