Claudia Moreira Salles


Claudia Moreira Salles graduated in 1978 from the Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial, in Rio de Janeiro. After working at the Design Institute of Rio’s Museum of Modern Art, she moved to São Paulo and started developing more authorial projects using craftwork techniques, especially in wood. Her designs merge the simplicity and rationality of her industrial practice with traditional woodworking techniques and the richness of Brazilian native woods, to which she usually adds other materials such as concrete, stone and various metals.

Bowl Compass

A stone disc with a decreasing thickness from the edge to the centre is divided by a wooden blade. A bowl. The division of the circle into two recipient spaces serves to separate nuts from their shells or two types of appetizers. The wooden triangle accentuates the slope of the stone. The two materials create a contrast of colour and texture – the Portuguese stone Semi-rijo do Arrimal and the Brazilian Jacarandá wood. The small scale of the piece allows for the use of production leftovers of both materials. The shape is reminiscent of a compass or a simple exercise of geometry where the diameter of a circle is drawn.

  • Type Bowl
  • Date 2017
  • Dimensions Ø 300 x 20 mm
  • Weight 1.82 kg
  • Material Semi-rijo do Arrimal Limestone, Jacarandá Wood | Semi-rijo do Arrimal Limestone, Ipê-roxo Wood
  • Edition Limited 8+3

Made in Portugal using Portuguese stone and Brazilian wood. Also available in Ipê-Roxo Wood (by order)
Prototype developed for the First Stone programme, for Assimagra.
100% recyclable.





Mancebos (coat racks) are pieces destined to remain hidden by coats, purses and other paraphernalia. When exposed, they function as sculptures waiting to be covered. The Mancebo Angras seeks to distance itself from the more common form of this type of object, which is usually made up of vertical rods, supported by a tripod with protruding arms or hooks. This piece stands out because of its material and shape. Marble slabs with indented edges that function as hooks are placed at 90-degree angles. The weight of the stone provides the necessary stability. The white marble offers greater resistance and the lack of contrasting veins creates a harmonious relationship between the surface and the shape.

  • Type Coat Rack
  • Date 2017
  • Dimensions 250 x 250 x 1600 mm
  • Weight 35.49 kg
  • Material Branco Vigária Marble
  • Edition Limited (16+3)

Made in Portugal using Portuguese stone.
Prototype developed for the First Stone programme, for Assimagra.
100% recyclable.