Bruno MM


Born in Lisbon (1975) and graduated from ESAD.CR, in 2007. Without a fixed studio, develops processes of creation and critical reflexion upon contemporary design, extracted from the everyday life in social-cultural and geographic temporary contexts. He has created and coordinated the projects Experimenta o Campo and Made Out Portugal. He has been living, developing and exhibiting work in cities such as Lisbon, Braga, Dubai, London, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Berlin, Milan, Beijing, Shangai, Hong-Kong, Macao, Madrid and São Paulo.

Dragon Maker #11

Edition Unique Pieces

Date 2018
Type Bowl
Dimensions Ø 360 x 120 mm
Weight 0,650 Kg
Material Chinese Egg-shell porcelain, Chinese felt markers


Dragon Maker #9

Edition Unique Pieces

Date 2018
Type Vase



Edition 1/3

Date 2012
Type Pair of dumbbells