Jovan Jelovac was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1967. In 1970 he moved with his family to Frankfurt, Germany first, moving to Paris and Amsterdam following his father’s successful banking career, finally setting in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he finished the famous Goethe Gymnasium. In a short interlude in Serbia, he was one of the biggest youth football hopes playing for the Serbian and later World Champion Red Star Belgrade. He attended the Architecture Studies of the University of Belgrade in 1985, opened his first design company in 1988, and returned to Germany in 1991 to work as an architect and designer in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Rotterdam, London and Miami. Jelovac was particularly inspired by the branding work of Gert Dunbar in Holland and Wally Olins in the UK, whom he considers mentors forming his world view on radical possibilities that strategic branding offers to business and society.

As result of their intense discussions, Wally Olins even included Jovan’s work for the Ministry of Finance in Serbia in his seminal book ON BRAND, in the section “future of branding”. Still living in Düsseldorf, in 1995 Jelovac opened his first own branding company in Zürich, the “trans:east network”, with back office in Belgrade, quickly developing the network to Moscow, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul, Nicosia and the surrounding ex-Yugoslavian countries.

The business grew so large in the Moscow office, that he moved there in 1999, managing a range of global and Russian A-list clients until 2013. In the meantime he invested heavily in his native Serbia, buying the Ekonomist magazin, producing movies and TV series, until in 2003 he won his biggest global branding account so far and moved to London, dividing his time since then between London and Moscow, with regular visits to his agency’s main back-office in Serbia. All his worldwide businesses were always based on partnerships as equals with outstanding local creatives, with whom Jelovac continues to nurture long lasting friendships and collaboration.

Inspired by the first ever London Creative Forum in 2004, at which he was the only delegate from Eastern Europe, Jelovac founded the non-profit citizen’s association Belgrade Design Week in 2005, which fast became the key annual meeting point of South East Europe’s creative industries, a year-round one stop solution for the creative community, a top ten creative event in the world, member of BEDA, founding member of the Association of Global Design Week Cities and partner of the EU-wide “Human Cities” project.

Vesna Jelovac was born in 1985 in Belgrade, where she graduated at the Faculty of Philology in 2008. From 2009 Vesna Jelovac is working as the legal representative of the non-profit citizen’s association Belgrade Design Week, and the CEO of the Festival, with the mission to set a new benchmark for promoting design in the entire South East European region, and a plan to expand the brand globally. Vesna is committed to promotion and encouraging design-led innovative projects and opportunities in all the areas of creative industries, through policy work with regional industry leaders and local business players in design as well with international and national institutional decision makers.

In 2010 Jovan Jelovac went to New York and partnered with Milos Simovic in what became his most outspoken project so far, the creation of a North Pole expedition vessel. M/S CAPE RACE is a deep-sea trawler converted to an expedition/research yacht reminiscent of the bygone era of tramp steamers. As she was designed originally to fish year round in the toughest seas of the world, she has the integral strength to travel pole to pole in safety and comfort. With a fuel range of over 7000 miles, CAPE RACE can cross the Atlantic twice without fuelling, and her ice-strengthened hull navigates the Arctic waters. The ship charters to 12 guests on tailored voyages in remote regions, scientific expeditions and film projects.

In 2011 a new global branding consultancy was founded in Zurich, Switzerland – “Brand New World AG” – the brainchild of creative entrepreneurs Vesna and Jovan Jelovac. The new agency’s paradigm shift was threading lightly but moving fast into the digital territory, cleverly combining the immense global knowledge and reach of their branding network, with the competitive advantages of an amazing nascent digital marketing and software development business back in Belgrade, Serbia. Their family business model has proven successful again – with Vesna Jelovac responsible for the digital and Jovan Jelovac for the branding side of the business. The combined branding, design, digital marketing and software development agencies employ around 100 cutting edge seasoned professionals, some of them with 20 plus years loyalty to the firm, some of them from latest blockchain coding universities de rigour. Together as partners, they are offering an almost unbeatable proposition balance between artistry, creativity, personal responsibility and knowledge, ready to take on the most sophisticated clients worldwide regardless of size, designing and developing tailor-made strategies for them, producing magic that results from combining design thinking, business acumen and the possibilities of new technologies.

Often invited to perform their branding and digital wonders to many global start ups, especially in the technology sector, Vesna and Jovan Jelovac became partners in 2017 in the New York and Zürich based blockchain startup, aptly named RACE-CAP, in a nod to its heroic mission of exploring new digital payment opportunities for our modern society, equaling the heroic mission of CAPE RACE’s North Pole adventure.

The family move to Zürich was followed by the opening of their first public gallery, the “Brand New World Salon” in 2017, a contemporary boutique platform to experience art, architecture, branding and design thinking. It changes the way people think about and engage with art and design. It renders art and design magical and metamorphic. Its mission is to promote contemporary objects and projects that will constantly grow in value – but more than that – people and ideas that will change the world’s understanding of innovation and creativity. Under the leadership of Vesna Jelovac, in the past two years “Brand New World Salon” has become Zürich’s premium boutique, year-round window to the best of contemporary design from Milan, London, Paris, Brussels, New York, Rio, Berlin, Lisbon, Shanghai, Belgrade and Madrid…With the eagerly anticipated opening of the new space inside the legendary LöwenbräuKunst Areal, on August 29th 2019, rubbing shoulders with Switzerland’s arguably most advanced contemporary creative projects, an exiting new chapter for the “Brand New World Salon” is being opened.

Additionally, Vesna and Jovan are back to an old flame of theirs – the publishing business, but this time also digital. Since 2017 they own ZERO ZURICH, or www.zerozuri.ch, the only city magazine in Zürich, leaned on the international phenomenon of the zero.eu publishing empire, arguably the most successful European network of city magazines, most notably in 8 Italian cities and Istanbul, since 20 years. We believe that Zürich deserves such a city magazine, because ZERO.EU is a true mirror of each city’s soul and its faithful monthly companion, and the monthly calendar of Zürich is cutting edge! In any respect: The best in arts, design, clubbing, architecture, modern concerts, classic music, theatre, talks, conferences, festivals, fairs, innovations, experimentation, walks, dances, courses – regardless if from Switzerland, Europe or the World, are invited to our beloved Zürich, punching far over its (inhabitants size-) weight.

Vesna and Jovan Jelovac currently live and work in Seefeld, Zürich, in Switzerland, and Dorćol, Belgrade, in Serbia, but during each summer you can still find them divided between Ibiza and the North Pole, and wherever Red Star Belgrade and Novak Djokovic play.


All projects are produced in partnership with global and local experts – leaders in design promotion and presentation, as well as “Leading Creative Minds of the 21st Century”. BNW has so far worked with over 500 leading global design and creative industries’ opinion makers and brands in its 10 year history. We especially nurture our media partnerships.

BNW offers to brands, who understand what amount of value to their businesses is added and depends on design and creativity, a nonpareil global premium platform, ever sharp, fresh, unbiased and independent.




Brand New World projects are curated and produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac – started in 2005 as Belgrade Design Week.

Belgrade Design Week is today the most important one-stop connection point between creative industries, business, government, academia and media in South East Europe, based in Belgrade, Serbia. Without hiatus since 2006, BDW organizes non-profit the region’s leading annual design festival, with its famous international conference BRAND NEW WORLD as heart piece, which serves as educational platform and meeting point for the exchange of ideas and experiences between international, regional and national professionals and entrepreneurs from all areas of creative industries such as design, architecture, publishing, branding, advertising, communication, arts, photography, retail, education, culture management…

Additionally, BDW publishes design related movies, books, newsletters around the year, as well as an annual documentary conference feature movie. BDW’s daily TV chronicles are aired in prime time on national TV during the festival. BDW also acts as producer and partner of local and international design events such as exhibitions and workshops, roundtables, competitions etc, and is in Serbia especially renown for its nonprofit nationwide campaigns for the implementation of design thinking in everyday life, such as the “100 BDW creative playgrounds for the children of Serbia” project.


Belgrade Design Week one-minute CV:

WHO we are is the annual meeting point of South East Europe’s creative industries, in Belgrade, Serbia, a year-round one stop solution for the creative community, a top ten creative event in the world, member of BEDA, founding member of the Association of Global Design Week Cities and partner of the EU-wide “Human Cities” project.

WHAT we do is make the connections between some of the foremost creative minds on the planet, their ideas, their products, their processes, and you.

HOW we do this is by producing a world class conference and a cutting edge regional design show, while making time for our guests to explore the gourmet and nightlife capital of the region – Belgrade.

WHEN we started in 2005, we envisaged a private, non-profit event funded in equal part by reputable national government and international institutions, commercial sponsors and visitor’s box office sales.

WHERE we help is in showcasing object and graphic design, architecture, branding, advertising, music, digital media, TV, art, publishing, film, fashion, media and all other forms of design related business.



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