DIMORESTUDIO: BRAVE NEW WORLD Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci of DIMORESTUDIO create a vibrant setting for the newly opened Brand New World Salon in Zürich. A rich palette, luxurious fabrics, glossy and mirrored surfaces, bronze and brass finishes, evocative of their ebullient creative energy, are employed to define the space of the gallery, The 40 […]

Enjoy reading Brand New World Milan Review – “Naturale Artificiale” by Maria Christina Didero for Architectural Digest Italia

NATURALE ARTIFICIALE Si lasciano ispirare da ciò che li circonda ma poi, con LIGHT DESIGN e installazioni luminose, reinventano il mondo: Studio Drift è una fucina in cui la tecnologia è motore della poesia. di MARIA CRISTINA DIDERO Studio Drift è una delle realtà più vivaci e singolari sulla scena del design internazionale del momento. […]

Wallpaper* presents The W* House Dining Room within Dante- Goods and Bads

The W* House Dining Room is all about finding the right balance. “Bavaresk” Table by Christoph de la Fontaine, is part of the “Scenes from the Prairie” collection and combines vintage sophistication with contemporary design language. The “Bavaresk” Table, featuring a marble top with a trio of lacquered wooden legs, in white, yellow and red. […]

Studio Appetit in Wallpaper* Magazine

Wallpaper* Handmade issue is out! In this new issue you will be able to enjoy reading all about Studio Appetit project – Handmade CARVED chocolate set they designed with the exquisite Oialla chocolate in the photographs taken by Wallpaper*.

One of the hottest dates during this year’s Art Basel – the prestigious annual LAUFEN TALKS in collaboration with Brand New World – surpassed all expectations

The much-anticipated 3rd installment of “Architecture during Art” at the world famous LAUFEN FORUM in Laufen, near Basel, Switzerland, surpassed all expectations, according to visitors. With six of “The Greatest Creative Minds of the 21st Century” stirring up an unprecedented discussion about the future of the creative industries, business, networking, entrepreneurship, all the way to […]


Continuing where we stopped with the BNW exhibition in Milan, the event and talks during ART Basel will engage some of the world’s most successful architects, designers, publishers and institutions turned makers and entrepreneurs in an exiting dialogue – rethinking the entire business and creative model of design today, produced by Laufen Bathrooms in the […]

Laufen and Brand New World present the final program of the exclusive “Food for Thought” event, during ART Basel on 17 June 2015, at the Laufen Forum

Join us for an evening of pure intelligence during ArtBasel 2015 – ride BNW’s signature roller-coaster of intelligent talks, intelligent food and intelligent design in form of BNW’s intelligence report Basel 2015 – made to measure for those creative wizards at LAUFEN. Entry is free, all beauty and brains in and near Basel are warmly […]

Architecture During Art – Food for Thought, Laufen Symposium 2015 by My Art Guides

A night of interactive eating experiences, design, art and thought-provoking conversations to coincide with Art Basel 2015. Laufen would like to invite you to an experiential evening featuring an interactive eating experience created by Studio Appétit, a trend-forecasting lecture by Zuzanna Skalska combined with a unique discussion panel moderated by Jovan Jelovac. “Architecture during Art” […]

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